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Wuxi Xinsheng Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd. is one of the domestic production of heat exchanger is the most mature technology manufacturers, is the China quality supplier of heat transfer equipment technology; is specialized in heat exchange technology, equipment, system design and development, production and sales of equipment and accessories, consulting, repair service and to undertake thermal systems engineering Professional Company.
xinsheng to the company has the domestic first-class production equipment and technology. Full automatic punching production line, advanced to ensure the accuracy of product manufacturing; advanced welding technology, greatly improving the steel strength and surface finish of the product structure of coating; combined with the advanced technology and automatic spraying equipment, ensure the excellent products for many years and anticorrosion equipment; the company has established a perfect quality assurance system and quality evaluation system, from the process and equipment for the production planning, to the maintenance of the equipment, from raw materials into the library to the finished product, every process is under careful monitoring.
The quality is up to the company's life, advanced testing equipment, to ensure that our products quality is stable and reliable; the stringent product quality refine on attitude and spirit, quality consciousness is rooted in the heart and a strict management system, to win the business long-term trust was high to the company.
After xinsheng to the company for many years of development and construction, the company product variety is complete, the underwriting of domestic and imported heat exchanger equipment and spare parts, product selection is convenient, can provide design, surveying and mapping, modification, installation, manufacturing, repair and other services according to user requirements.
Over the years, the company to "high quality, price, service and good to excellent " for the business philosophy, won the praise of users in various industries! Our aim is: " quality to win customers, to win market credibility ". Development of the road will not everything is going smoothly. " The pursuit of excellence ", is one of the leading us not to move or retreat beliefs, to the company as a belief, keep on carving, the challenges of the future!

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